Saturday, 1 September 2012

Diabetes and Nutrition Label

Nutrition Label


All packaged foods are required to have nutrition labels with nutrition facts listed. These nutrition labels offers useful and accurate nutrition information that enable consumers to make healthful food choices.

The nutrition fact list is particular important for diabetes patient in their healthful diet plan. It enable diabetes patient to translate an item into exchanges and follow a diabetic exchange diet, count carbohydrates, and maintain a healthy diet. So take the time to read them.


Understanding of Nutrition Label

Serving Size: Standardized size based on amounts people actually eat. Similar food products have similar serving sizes making nutritional comparisons easier.

% Daily Value: nutrient reference values, expressed as % Daily Values, that help consumers see how a food fits into an overall daily diet. This helps you to understand if the food has "a lot" or "a little" of the most important nutrients

Middle Section: The nutrients listed in the middle section are the ones most important to good health. This helps you to calculate your daily limits for fat, fiber, sodium and other nutrients.

Vitamins & Minerals: Only these vitamins and minerals are required on labels although the manufacturer has the option to include others too.


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